Center for Indian Education helps revitalize Native languages


Maureen Roen

The Center for Indian Education’s language revitalization efforts with Arizona’s Native communities were the focus of a State Press story on November 30. The story showcases intergenerational work being done in partnership with the tribal council of the Fort Mohave Indian Reservation to help promote retention of the Mojave language and culture.

The center, a unit of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ School of Social Transformation, was formed 51 years ago and is recognized globally for its efforts to help ensure more linguistically and culturally responsive learning environments for Native students and to help revive indigenous and “lesser spoken” languages around the world.  Center for Indian Education co-directors are Brian Brayboy, Borderlands Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and Teresa McCarty, the Alice Wiley Snell Professor of Education Policy Studies and professor of applied linguistics.