ASU student begins 'year of healthy eating' makeover


Maureen Roen

ASU student Brittany Avent, an interdisciplinary studies major in the School of Letters and Sciences who is pursuing concentrations in dance and theater, has been selected from more than 40 entrants as the winner of the Arizona Republic’s yearlong “healthy eating makeover.”

Avent has struggled as a serial dieter since she was a young teen, taking pounds off and putting them back on again and again. As the contest winner, she will work for a year with registered dietitian Maya Nahra, and stories about her journey to develop more healthy eating habits and lifestyle patterns will be featured periodically in the Food & Dining section at

Read more about Brittany and the first steps she will be taking to reach her goal – dietary and exercise steps that can benefit anyone wanting to change their relationship with food and achieve a more healthy weight.