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Faculty and staff

CIE co-director Professor Bryan BrayboyBryan Brayboy, Center for Indian Education director
Co-editor, Journal of American Indian Education
ASU President's Professor of Indigenous Education and Justice, School of Social Transformation
Bryan.Brayboy@asu.edu, 480-965-5327
Payne 301 | Wilson 367


K. Tsianina LomawaimaK. Tsianina Lomawaima, Distinguished Scholar in Indigenous Education
Co-editor, Journal of American Indian Education
Professor of Justice and Social Inquiry, School of Social Transformation 
K.Tsianina.Lomawaima@asu.edu, 480-965-3067
Payne 301 | Wilson 373 


CIE co-director Professor Teresa McCartyTeresa McCarty, co-editor, Journal of American Indian Education
Alice Wiley Snell Professor emerita, ASU
G.F. Kneller Chair in Education and Anthropology, UCLA



Lindsey CookLindsey Cook 
Project director, The Four Corners Teacher Training Project and Gila River Culture and Language Teachers Cohort
lindsey.cook@asu.edu, 480-965-3264
Payne 302 B 



Project director Deborah ChadwickDeborah Chadwick
Project director, Gila River Early Educators Attaining Teaching Excellence (GRE²ATE)
Deborah.Chadwick@asu.edu, 480-727-6405
Payne 302 C1 



Marie LevieMarie Levie
Program manager
Marie.Levie@asu.edu, 480-965-1999
Payne 301



Jessica SolyomJessica Solyom
Postdoctoral fellow
jsolyom@asu.edu, 480-965-4681




Graduate and undergraduate student staff

Jolyana Begay

Jolyana Begay
Navajo language instructor



Nicholas BustamanteNicholas Bustamante
Research assistant



Jeremiah ChinJeremiah Chin 
Research associate



Kelcie FranklinKelcie Franklin
Student research and office assistant



Cristobal MartinezCristóbal Martínez
Doctoral Student



Jeston MorrisJeston Morris
Managing editor, Journal of American Indian Education



Neicea OrozcoBrandon Schneider
Academic mentor